Collections #8 from Cheryl Penn

Collaborative book project, “Collections#8”, from Cheryl Penn, South Africa, 07/2012

Elevated envelope exchange

Topic of the summer exchange of Tara Blivens “Elevated Envelope”-blog ( SWEET

I’ve sent sweet memories, 07/2012




Making of III: The result

Pages for Cheryl Penns Zine, 06/2012, “Mail art makes the world a town” – a town full of paper, glue, animals, friends, fun – some examples


Collections #8

My accordion book for the collaborative book project with the title “collections #8”.

Making of II: The remains of the day

Leftovers of the process
(Zine: Mail art makes the world a town)

Music #7 from Kathy Boyle

Collaborative book project “Music #7”, received from Kathy Boyle, New Zealand, 05/2012

Vispo #2 from Rosa Gravino

Vispo #2 pages from Rosa Gravino, Argentina, collaborative book project organized by Cheryl Penn and DeVillo Sloan, 05/2012

Music #7 from Zea Morvitz

Collaborative book project “Music #7”, received from Zea Morwitz, USA, 05/2012